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Hear what our patients have to say!

"I can definitely say that the staff here is dedicated and caring. For a 5 year old with autism and a todler, for them to come in here and actually want to come in and get better and enjoy their time in here, that to me is the biggest thing the Achieve Center offers. They know that there are people that care about them and want them to get better."


"The Achieve Center is one of the best kept secrets in Wenatchee. Wow!! What an amazing place to receive therapy for your child. It is a blessing to have such qualified, caring people give my son the therapy he needed. Before going to the Achieve Center, my 4 year-old son could barely speak 20 words, and a year later his vocabulary is over 1,000 words. Hal, you’re the best – a voice for all special needs children."

—Chrisy C.

"Kyan had a very sensitive gag reflux and was experiencing FTT [or Failure To Thrive] when it came to eating, sucking, and swallowing. After a month of treatments we noticed a major difference in his ability to control his gagging. After two months he was more eager to eat solids, and was putting all of his toys in his mouth (if they’d fit). His muscles in his back and shoulders were getting stronger, and his posture and strength was much improved. After 2 ½ - 3 months he was open to different textures to eat and play in, and he continues to improve. The Achieve Center helped us get through a big rough spot in our journey, and we are forever grateful."

—Joy Clifford

"There has been such an enormous change in Isabel’s ability to communicate since attending the Achieve Center. She was testing about 7 months behind when she began her speech therapy and now she has tested for her appropriate age level. Isabel loves going to therapy and can’t wait to see Tammy. She loves showing Tammy new things and is very comfortable with her. I am so glad to have found the Achieve Center – initially we went there due to its central location, but now I realize that the therapists there are so caring and thoughtful I would travel miles just so my child could be there. Tammy always keeps me up to date on the new sounds and letters that we are working on, and she is fun to communicate with and always maintains a very professional level. She also shows she cares for Isabel and I hope it is obvious how much we care about her."

—Steffanie Shaw

"I personally have experienced the growth and achievement that my son has done with the caring people at the Achieve Center! Wonderful people, great staff, and the caring touch a parent can count on!"

—Teresa J.

"The Achieve Center has made a huge difference in the outcome and success of my son. He looks forward to attending therapy every week and loves to see his therapist. It’s nice to have all his therapy together and they work around our schedule. The Achieve Center is the best therapy in town."

—Amy J.

"When we received a personal reference to the Achieve Center, I had no idea it would be so great! There is experience, education, and hard work. My son could not have a better therapist and support for all that it takes to work with him. He is getting intense communication work and he is so fortunate to be able to get this wonderful help. Thank you."

—Achieve Center Parent

"I am so impressed with the personal attention and care of each of my children. Both [therapists] evidence individual concern for each child, not as numbers or files, but as little people who they can help. We really appreciate [the] Achieve Center and the work they are doing. Thank you!"

—Achieve Center Parent

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